As motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that a memorable day on your two-wheeled companion is a difficult one to beat – the sun, the air, the road, the pit stop for whatever you need to go along with that smile on your face.  And the more you ride, the more you want to see, and the more you want to see, the farther you need to go. Let’s face it, as nice as the roads in-and-around Toronto can be, they can only take you so far.

We also understand that with life’s successes come a strain on your time to get out and ride as much as you’d like. And although the thought of riding your motorcycle on bucket list roads sounds amazing, the time and energy required to ride it there yourself or to arrange for shipping on your own makes it a challenge that’s simply not feasible. Then add all the route and destination planning and suddenly your vacation seems more like work than work.

At PinDrop we enable you to ride your motorcycle on some of the world’s most magnificent roads without interfering with modern life or sacrificing the travel standards you’ve come to set for yourself. You’ll board a plane in Toronto one day, and ride your motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway of California the next. Or the oceans, fjords, and mountains of Newfoundland. Or the incredible Blue Ridge Parkway – 750 kms of private, commercial-traffic-free motorcycle bliss in North Carolina.  And all the while staying in wonderful hotels in charming towns, without lifting a finger or planning a thing.

We created PinDrop to make exceptional motorcycling possible.  Come ride with us.

group motorcycling ride on a magnificent road
jeff marchand showing passion for motorcycling

Jeff Marchand


It all started with one of those pedal bikes that mimicked a dirt bike, complete with working shocks, the bench seat, and the plastic gas tank. When I was 13 I spent a summer at a tobacco farm with two kids who had these Honda Z50 Trail bikes.  We rode all around that farm that summer and I was hooked. I bought a Honda Elite 150 scooter when I was 16 and have never looked back.

I’ve toured over 150,000 kms on the various bikes I’ve owned, from California to Newfoundland & Labrador, and many places in-between. I’ve organized multiple group trips with family & friends as well as being a satisfied customer on many of Ben’s early efforts. (He’s the transport guy below). As an avid personal traveler, I’ve been to many incredible places around the world, and although they can’t all be riding trips, every time I found myself on a beautiful road I was always reminded what was missing; my motorcycle. “Imagine if we had the bike” became a predictable phrase on many a vacation with my wife and I.

I built PinDrop as a culmination of all of this. I built it to share my passion and knowledge of motorcycle travel with others. I built it to enable you to bring your own bike along because I understand the role it plays in the experience. I built it because there’s nothing better than the look on people’s faces at the end of a riding day. The look that says “THAT is why I bought this bike. THAT is why I ride”

ben swain on his motorcycle in California

Ben Swain


I forget how old I was but I remember hopping on a Yamaha Z50 as a young child and have been engaged in motorsports ever since. From dirt bikes to formula cars to street bikes and rider-training, I have always been fascinated with fast moving vehicles. That fascination led to a genuine interest in the transportation and logistics side, where I got my Class A license and launched my specialty vehicle transportation business.

However, the passion for these trips was born when I began selling motorcycles. I observed during that time that so many of my customers had these beautiful touring motorcycles alongside an unrealized dream to ride them in amazing places south of the border. Since I had all the equipment and experience on the transport side, I organized my first trip to Colorado in 2008 and have never looked back. Jeff was actually a customer on that trip, and an instant friendship and kinship for making exceptional motorcycle travel possible for so many others was born.

I’ve personally led and ridden over 200,000 kms on motorcycles with groups in North Carolina, Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah, Alberta, Alaska, the Canadian Maritimes, Peru, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. But despite how lovely all of that was for me personally, what I truly found most rewarding was the opportunity to serve the community of riders that has grown around the motorcycle travel that I have led. I’m thrilled to be a part of PinDrop and look forward to providing some amazing motorcycle experiences for you. Hope to see you on the road soon.

fully planned motorcycle itineraries form pindrop

Crafted Itineraries

We are as clear and upfront as we can be about what you can expect on the road – everyone has the right to an enjoyable day

We favour earlier departures – we’ll linger in the morning once in a while when it makes sense, but generally the best days on your bike begin between 8a-9a

We ride between 1 – 1.5 hours between stops. Sometimes the scenery is just too beautiful to NOT get a photo, but to ensure whole group comfort and enjoyment, we find 100-150 kms is the perfect distance to answer all of nature’s calls

We spend between 45 mins to an hour at lunch – enough time to eat a great meal, but with roads like the ones you’ll ride, you won’t want to linger much longer than that

We arrive at the hotel between 3p-4p each day – with evenings left free for you to enjoy, this ensures ample time to end your day as you see fit

We always include some elements that are off the beaten path – there is a hint of cowboy in each rider, and we try to provide you some memories that favour the quirky and charming

We only stay in places where your time off your bike doesn’t sour your experience on it – just because motorcycling can be an adventure, where you stay, what you eat, and how you spend your downtime doesn’t need to be